Allergen Labelling: Our Labels and Menus

To Start to understand the allergen labelling laws you need to understand the causes

By not signposting or labelling packaging you are only causing a potential problem to your business as well as personally being liable for a fine or imprisonment. Surely spending the time now will save you paying in the future?

We had done our best at Allergen Checker to make the process as easy as possible. As with all software, it is only a good as the information you input. This is the reason why we ask our users to input the most accurate information that their suppliers can provide on their data sheets.

There is no getting away from the fact that this will take time to input into the system, but once in, it enables you to produce a label or menu in minutes.

We have created very clear icons to showcase the allergens in your products. This is to alert an allergy sufferer to the risks within the ingredients. If you can provide your customers with a written label or menu from which they can make an informed decision to whether they can safely consume your product.

Our aim is threefold:


To allow you to be compliant to the new legislation being brought into law on 1st October 2021.

Protect Customers

To protect your customers from harm.

Protect Businesses

To protect your business and yourself from any potential fines or jail time.

The manufacturing industry has had to label food for a very long time...

It surely is only correct that we as a catering industry now also need to take care of what we feed to our customers. The number of allergen sufferers in the UK is on the rise: no-one can give a definitive answer to the reason why. Is it the E numbers that we have been adding into our products over years or the over production of mass products?

Many people have different theories but what it all boils down to is keeping people safe.