Do I need a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for food products?

In short, it is not necessary to have a safety data sheet for food products specifically. However, it is essential to have a safety data sheet for all chemical products that you hold within your food service business.

For all non-food chemicals that are being used in your hospitality establishment you should receive a safety data sheet with the original purchase.

What you should look to include in your menus is all allergen related information. This is from direct ingredients and traces. With many incidents similar to Natasha’s law it is important that businesses take allergens seriously.

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To learn more about safety data sheets related to the chemicals and products you use, keep reading.

What is a safety data sheet?

A safety data sheet (SDS) is a document that describes the hazards of a chemical substance. It also provides information on how to store and handle the substance safely, and what to do in an emergency. In the UK, employers are required by law to provide this information to employees who may be exposed to hazardous substances. Data sheets are essential for employers to be able to comply with this law and keep their employees safe.

Who needs to use a safety data sheet?

Anyone who is working with products that require safety data sheets should have access to them. Safety data sheets need to be held within the workplace. It is essential that all employees have access to it to ensure safe working practices.

These data sheets provide valuable information to your employees on how to handle products and what to do in worst case scenarios.

Where do I get a safety data sheet?

The manufacturer of the products in question should be providing the safety data sheets at the time of purchase.

If you find your safety data sheets are damaged and illegible you should contact the provider to obtain a replacement. If you are unable to contact the manufacturer you can try searching online, or on the manufacturer's website for more information.

What is included on a safety data sheet?

There are many important safety details that are included on the safety data sheet supplied with your product.

The SDS includes information such as;

  • Properties of each chemical

  • Physical hazards 

  • Health hazards 

  • Environmental health hazards 

  • Protective measures

  • Safety precautions related to handling, storing, and transportation

All information provided on the safety data sheet should be relating to UK law and health and safety standards. If you are unsure whether the information is correct you can always speak to the manufacturer to gain clarification.

Additional information such as the below needs to be listed;

  • Product identification - manufacturer's information, importer, or other responsible corporations 

  • Correct use of the product - description of what it does and any further restrictions on the product

  • First aid information - what needs to be done in case of an emergency

  • Fire fighting information - how to extinguish fire related to the substance etc. 

  • Exposure - either accidental or general exposure controls 

Download a safety data sheet

Here is a link to download various data sheets should you find yours missing.

As a business owner working within the hospitality industry it is important to follow all safety related measures. This will help protect your customers, employees and ultimately your business.

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