Food allergens, don't let your customers down - why food labelling is essential for food safety

Food allergens may not come into your mind very often, however, when working in a busy hospitality environment, they should be top of your list in terms of food safety and protecting your customers.


You shouldn’t be waiting for the law to change to use best practice when it comes to food labelling, and trust us, your customers will thank you for it if you implement these steps now (and so will your teams!).


We understand that it may seem like a mammoth task to get a grip of your food labelling situation, but, with Allergen Checker, the process couldn’t be simpler, and it will make running your kitchen that much smoother going forward.


In the hospitality industry, we are all very aware of the food standards agency and the food safety regulations. One of the key responsibilities is that “businesses do not include anything in food, remove anything from food or treat food in any way which means it would be damaging to the health of people eating it”, so should this idea not extend to allergens as well?


Whilst there is an obvious need to use ingredients that some people are allergic to; we should absolutely make it our duty to label the foods correctly, so that our customers can make informed choices on the food they’re eating. Allergen Checker can help you do just that.


It’s really easy and affordable to help protect your customers with Allergen Checker, and there’s a raft of additional benefits to using the system, in addition to keeping people safe:


1. Your team will be far more efficient, and process will be reduced, meaning more time spent on the job at hand

2. You’ll have a comprehensive database of your menu items, meaning you can create your seasonal menus at a click of a button

4. Labelling your products will be quick and easy, saving you time and effort.

3. If you are a multi-site location, your teams will have the same information across all sites, making the customer experience uniform.

4. You’ll save lives. You might think that that is an extreme statement, but we’ve all seen the devastating effects that incorrect food labelling can have, in cases just like that of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse.


Natasha’s Law is coming, and it’s being brought in because a young life was lost that could have been avoided by a simple label. At Allergen Checker, we are supporting this law fully, and have developed this software to help as many hospitality businesses as possible use best practice, become more efficient and protect the lives of their customers.


On the law change, Natasha’ family said, “Natasha was a spirited campaigner for justice and today she is smiling down on us knowing that this law well help ensure others do not suffer in the way our family does, and always will, following the loss of our beloved daughter and sister.”


If you haven’t prepared for Natasha’s Law yet, you can find out more about the law here:


Give your customer confidence in the food they buy and sign up for your free trial of Allergen Checker today.