Food Labelling – what’s the point?

As a hospitality business owner, you have probably asked this question on more than one occasion and, we get it. It can seem like a real chore to make sure your food is labelled correctly (or at all) but, there is an easier way. There are also plenty of benefits to be had from labelling that stretch far beyond just compliance.

Not only is it beneficial for your customers, but it’s also hugely beneficial for you and your business. Not convinced? Read on to find out our top reasons for labelling.

  1. Your customers will thank you

If you’re looking for repeat business (the cheapest and easiest way to increase revenue) then labelling should form part of your strategy. Using a good labelling system that tells your customers exactly what’s in their food, helps build trust, and shows that you genuinely care about the people that buy from you.

Customer care should be the number one priority of any hospitality business and, actively demonstrating that you care about their safety, does exactly that.

  1. More efficient menu editing

With the Allergen Checker software, not only can you easily print food labels, but you can also easily create and adapt menus. The time it takes to re-organise menus can often be extremely time consuming, so cut out some of the work by using a system that quick, efficient and built specifically for your industry.

With your menus built and ready to go, it couldn’t be easier to get these printed too, so you can keep your business running smoothly and your customers happy.

  1. Better productivity

Using a labelling system will increase your productivity as it allows you more time to actually run your business and do the things you love to do.

Once you have set up your Allergen Checker profile, it is ridiculously easy to create your labels to be used time and time again. Using the system to organise your ingredients, highlight allergens and create menus is quick, clear and effortless, whether it’s you using the system, or your teams.

  1. Consistency

If you are a multi-site business, Allergen Checker can help you keep all your products, ingredients, menus and labels consistent across all of them. This not only saves administration time at each site, but also gives your customers a consistent experience no matter which establishment they visit. This again helps retain customers, increase productivity and ensure you are aligned with best practice when it comes to allergen labelling.

  1. It will be law

The law is changing in October 2021 and, according to the food standards agency (, if you are offering prepacked food to your customers, all foods will need to have ingredient and allergen information provided on the label. If you don’t have a labelling system in place, these new rules could be very difficult to follow, and mean that your time is taken up creating labels manually in order to stay compliant – and nobody wants to be doing that!

With Allergen Checker, labelling your foods correctly is a smooth process, meaning you and your customers don’t have to worry and, it’s cheaper than a take-way each month to subscribe.

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