Food safety during the festive season

Food safety is important at all times of the year, however with the chaos that comes with the festive season food safety has never been more important. Food safety during the festive season isn’t too difficult. Focusing on your current food safety standards and ensuring you and your team work to uphold them even under the most challenging of times is the best way to prepare.

Here's some advice surrounding food safety during the festive season and beyond.

What is Food Safety best practice?

We have a full guide on Food safety at work you can check out the full details there. However, food safety best practices are preventing cross contamination. Using the right tools and specific chopping boards for food preparation. Hygiene is key. Ensuring you wash your hands regularly as well as the proper hair nets and uniform is worn is essential to food safety.

How can you remain food safe during the festive season?

There are many ways you can keep on top of food safety during the festive season. Ensuring you work to best practices will be the baseline of keeping everyone safe at your establishment.

There are additional ways you can ensure optimum food safety during the festive season and that is by looking at the below options.

Allergen lists

It is necessary to include any and all allergens on your menus. However, this isn’t always simple and easy. With Allergen Checker software you can build out your menus ingredient by ingredient and curate your festive menus easily. In the main dashboard you can also amend any ingredients if they change and this will automatically update the meals that contain the specific ingredient. It’s super effective and easy to manage your allergens with our software. From QR codes to allergen labels it’s all found in our easy to use dashboard. Read more about how to use Allergen Checker here.

Stress tests

In order to ensure your safety is up to scratch for the festive season a stress test is an effective way to find out. You can create various scenarios for your staff to practise which can ensure they are keeping on top of best practices. From knowledge of the menus and specific allergens, down to hygiene and food prep. A stress test will find any weak links before your team is inundated with festive party goers.

Kitchen safety

Kitchen safety is key for all food safety standards. When a server isn’t aware of ingredients it is up to the kitchen staff to help bridge the gap in knowledge. Not only will they assist with knowledge, but ensuring a kitchen is run safely and by following best practices is essential. Reiterate the importance of food storage and cross contamination. Ensure the right equipment is being used for specific dishes. When you are ensuring the kitchen is run safely you can help reduce risks in your food preparation and beyond.

Remaining vigilant on food safety during the festive season can be intimidating. However with the right tools and equipment at your disposal it can make preparation easier. Here at Allergen Checker we take safety very seriously, that is why our online system is easy to use and intuitive. Contact us now for more information or view our free trial here.