How is the hospitality industry changing? How is technology impacting the hospitality industry?

Hospitality has been around for thousands of years, if not centuries. Hospitality is derived from Latin, “Hospes” which means both stranger and visitor. It’s no wonder that the way language has evolved, the industry as a whole has also evolved while still maintaining the essence of its roots. 

How is the hospitality industry changing?

There are always advancements, some so last minute we as consumers are not always aware. Something as simple as changing cleaning products to be more environmentally friendly. The subtle changes are there, and as a whole, the hospitality industry remains rooted in our daily lives. 

The industry has evolved over time, and more rapidly when the pandemic hit the UK in March 2020. These changes remain prominent today, with more restaurants providing takeaway services, ordering and paying via apps at your table without the need for contact. These things are here to stay not only for convenience but simply because of their simplicity. These ordering systems have been able to increase order intake, and overall profited the businesses who are adopting these changes as the norm.

How is technology impacting the hospitality industry?

Overall, technology has impacted the hospitality industry in a number of ways. From drive-through orders now containing number-plate recognition to ordering via apps and collecting or dining in. With Artificial Intelligence becoming more prominent, as well as augmented reality growing in popularity. It will be interesting to see where technology will take the hospitality industry. For hotels, this impact can be providing more information on their regular clientele and ensuring certain expectations are met. For the restaurant owner, this can come in the form of interactive menus. Implementation of QR codes for table reservations and much more. The truth is, we are seeing more and more technology being implemented in the hospitality industry and its potential is only going to increase.

How will hospitality change and move forwards?

That will be up to each owner, allowing it to impact positively will be a balancing act. People still want to be served by people, so introducing robotic servers into your restaurant may not be the best option. However, automation in the kitchen could allow a quicker production line. Introducing AR entertainment may be something we begin to see in restaurants too.

Technology has its place in all aspects of our lives, even Allergen Checker relies on technology to provide our customers with the information they need to find out about allergens within their menus. Our QR codes are designed for your menus and provide clarity for the customer while simultaneously removing pressure from your servers.

People will be the driving force behind changes in the hospitality industry as they always have. Over recent years, hospitality has had to pivot and change at the drop of a hat in order to remain afloat during the pandemic. If we are all able to continue with the same level of flexibility, and attention to quality service technology in the industry will only enhance what we have.