New Allergen laws? - Allergen Laws update

As our understanding of allergens increases so will our allergen laws. Having the proper legislation in place to ensure the highest standards of food safety surrounding allergens are essential.

For those who have food allergies, consuming the allergen can have detrimental effects such as Natasha Ednan-Laperouse and Owen Carey. They unknowingly consumed allergens and their families suffered the loss. 

While not all reactions are this severe, it’s not a risk many will take. Further bolstering the rules and regulations surrounding food preparation and food management will only benefit all. 

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Updates on Natasha’s law

Natasha’s law has dominated the news in the last few years, and rightly so. Updates to the food prep laws needed to be changed. We are now two years on since its implementation in October 2021. Studies have shown that independent retailers are among the most compliant with Natasha’s law. 

Rising costs may be the key to forcing retailers to implement the food allergen laws necessary in order to keep clients safe.

Hospitality businesses have been shown to be the worst offenders in following Natasha’s law protocol.

Read our blog on Natasha’s law here. 

What is Owen’s Law? 

Owen’s Law seeks to further change the way food is labelled and displayed in restaurants. Providing more clarity on how an item is prepared, and then cooked to ensure complete transparency on any allergens which may be contained in the food. 

Providing more information on the potential allergens on the menus as well as investing in staff training, introducing Owen’s law will bolster the safety of food regulations.

What impact will Owens Law have on the food industry?

Owen’s Law will only seek to further strengthen the health and safety rules around food preparation and labelling. Essentially, from prep work to cooking, each individual ingredient would be named on each food which is contained in a meal. This will help provide clarity and transparency on all menus. Owen’s law would also seek to ensure full training given to employees in the food industry to help create a further check in place. 

New allergen laws to look out for

Owen’s Law continues to fight for the changes to food preparation and labelling. As it stands there are no new allergen laws to be mindful of.

When handling food in a business it is important to ensure you maintain all food hygiene rules, as well as work with the highest standards possible in relation to Natasha’s law and other allergen laws.

Shockingly, there are many product recalls occurring due to undeclared allergens. We may see new laws come into place in the future to protect those who suffer with food allergies, and prevent undeclared allergens making their way into foods. You can read our blog on recent product recalls here.  

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**Disclaimer: If you are concerned about suffering with potential allergens always speak to your GP. This blog was correct at the time of writing, however due to the nature of new legislation it may have changed, do not use this blog as legal advice.