Is The Supply Chain Crisis Affecting Hospitality?

The simple answer to this question is, yes. The supply chain crisis is affecting the hospitality industry in one major way. Stock issues. If we look over the last year, the pandemic and Brexit has caused many knock on effects. Some of which we couldn’t have predicted. With the amounts of pressure being put on the supply chain over the course of the pandemic, they have only had to deal with supermarkets and fast food chains. As the world opened up, restaurants and hospitality were also thrown into the mix and the supply chain suffered.

With many HGV drivers leaving the UK, distribution centres scrambled to recruit new drivers. As warehouses and manufacturers suffered from staff shortages, stock that had been previously entering the country without issue began to get stuck at the borders. Processes that the UK had never experienced before when importing items from the EU. There became a backlog of imported goods at the channel and other crossings.

While the supply chain dealt with the crisis, hospitality suffered the consequences. As deliveries became delayed, their stock levels plummeted. When the drivers finally arrived with their much needed deliveries, they found them short shipped or items were unusable. With no stock, restaurant owners had to make a decision. Do they cut the menu or run to a supermarket in the hopes of finding something?

Since Natasha’s law came into place in October 2021, many restaurants have no backup plan when stock runs out. Even if the item is sold in a supermarket, due to allergens and possible traces in batches, the owners have no choice but to mark the item off the menu. Of course, this is the safest option for all. However, it still leaves the hospitality industry in a crisis of its own.

Speaking to a local restaurant:

“It has been tough, the hospitality industry has been hit hard with the pandemic forcing us to close, then staff shortages and now menu issues. It’s been a lot to cope with. What’s been great though is the general public has been really understanding, I think we’ve all spent the last few years thinking about others' health that now it’s second nature. We don’t want to do anything which could cause someone a health issue.”

How do they work around it?

The only way around the supply chain crisis is to create a backorder. If hospitality owners plan accordingly they may be able to predict when their items will be out of stock. Placing an order sooner will ensure there is enough time for deliveries to be fulfilled as well as allowing time for manufacturers to obtain the required supplies.

With extra planning and understanding, the hospitality industry will weather this particular storm. As it has with many obstacles it’s faced over the last few years. Transparency from hospitality owners will help reduce any friction from the general public.

Here at Allergen Checker, we wholeheartedly sympathize with the trials and tribulations the hospitality industry has faced. However, it is important to remember why there are laws in place, and the risks that are associated with unmarked food items on menus.

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