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Ethio Kitchen

Llandudno // Wales


I’d definitely recommend Allergen Checker to other businesses. We’ve had no issues at all, and have found it super easy to input our ingredients onto the system and create our labels

Tigist // Co-Owner

Authentic Ethiopian cuisine delivered to your door

Is there such a thing as ‘fast food’ that is also fresh, healthy, nutritious and utterly delicious?

There certainly is in Llandudno! Well, to be clear, the owners of this sensational new delivery service wouldn’t describe their beautifully crafted dishes as ‘fast food’ in the conventional sense, but from a consumer’s point of view they tick all the boxes for convenience, flavour, originality, and value for money. And with the majority being vegan or vegetarian, and all being gluten-free, the potential audience for this wholesome superfood is huge.

With Ethio Kitchen, launched in April 2021, husband-and-wife duo Matt and Tigist have created something very special indeed. Working from their own home, they have developed a unique menu of Ethiopian signature main and side dishes that are available for delivery Friday to Sunday evenings every week in their local area, with orders being taken up to 14 days in advance and as late as 3pm the same day.

Unique Ingredients

Tigist (known to family and friends as Tina) hails from Ethiopia, home to some of the most diverse food in Africa. It’s a cuisine that that is totally different to most others due to its unique blend of ingredients, and some of Ethio Kitchen’s newfound fans are willing to travel from far and wide to pick up bulk orders of their favourite meal.

“We have a customer who drives about an hour-and-a-half to collect her food,” said Tigist. “She’s lived in London and New York and just really enjoys authentic Ethiopian cuisine. I don’t think there are many, if any, other places in North Wales where you can find it.”

And what exactly makes it so special? Tigist explained: “All our food is prepared to traditional Ethiopian recipes and offers an amazing eating experience. We do offer two meat dishes, but most are vegan and vegetarian, and all are gluten-free.

“We only use the freshest, purest ingredients, including Ethiopian herbs and spices that are blended in a particular way to create a unique flavour. There are no additives, colourings or preservatives, and the dishes are not oily or creamy. The flour we use in our injera flatbread, called teff flour, is native to Ethiopia and is classed as a superfood because of its high protein and mineral content.”

Despite not being interested in cooking as a youngster, Tigist discovered her culinary skills after moving to the UK, when it became apparent she had learned a lot more about Ethiopian cuisine than she realised! She has worked in catering for a number of years, and is currently splitting her time between her full-time job as a chef and Ethio Kitchen. Husband Matt, a climbing and mountaineering instructor, supports their venture by managing all back-of-house matters, including orders and deliveries.

Matt said: “We have two young daughters and the business works well around family life. We often all go out together on our delivery rounds so we can meet our customers in person.”

Word is definitely spreading as more and more new clients are making orders via the Ethio Kitchen Facebook page and website. Dishes including siga wot (beef curry), miser beshero (red lentils), and gomen (kale and carrot) are being snapped up by customers, hungry for a nutritious and tasty takeaway. All meals are supplied chilled, ready for reheating, and in line with Ethio Kitchen’s environmentally responsible values, all containers are recyclable. The couple have been pleasantly surprised by the immediate success of their new business, and are now thinking ahead to potential expansion, including festivals and party catering.

Safety First

Tigist and Matt take their responsibility to provide customers with delectable – and safe – food very seriously, which is why they decided to invest in the Allergen Checker package. “We’d heard about Allergen Checker and it seemed perfect for us as we want to do everything to the best of our ability and stay ahead of the game when it comes to labelling our products,” said Matt.

“We are big supporters of Natasha’s Law, it’s good that people can see what they are eating there and then without needing to ask or check on a website. It means they’re safe, and we’re safe. We didn’t see the point of waiting until the new law comes into effect in the autumn, we thought we might as well start as we mean to go on.

“The system allows us to put our logo on our labels too, so our products look professional and are instantly recognisable.”

Tigist and Matt find the system incredibly easy to use. Tigist said: “I’d definitely recommend Allergen Checker to other businesses. We’ve had no issues at all, and have found it super easy to input our ingredients onto the system and create our labels.”

Matt added: “It’s giving us value for money in the time it saves us. Packaging is an important part of the logistical process and it can end up being time-consuming if you don’t use an efficient system.”

And another unforeseen advantage Allergen Checker has delivered is an opportunity for Ethio Kitchen to hand over any unsold food to a local hospice, instead of it going to waste. “The hospice can only accept food if it is properly packaged and fully labelled,” Tigist explained. “Thanks to our Allergen Checker stickers, the hospice’s restaurant manager can see exactly what is in our dishes and is more than happy to accept them.”

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