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A simple 3-stage process

Our comprehensive Allergen Management system enables you to fully display all food allergens on menus via a QR code or via printed labels on your food products, helping customers with food allergies and food intolerances feel safe in what they are eating.

Step 1 Add Ingredients & Allergens

Simply type in all the ingredients that you use in your food products, dishes and drinks and they will be stored in your own virtual food cupboard. Add accurate information from labels or data sheets. We have included a generic list of ingredients to get you started.

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Add Ingredients & Allergens

Step 2 Create Your Dishes, Drinks and Food Products

Create your dishes, drinks or food products and save them in different categories for easy indexing, so when you want to locate them to either create a menu or print a label you can find them at a touch of a button.

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Add ingredients and design dishes

Step 3 Create your menus, or print your labels

Menu - From your dishes you can now create a detailed menu, listing all the ingredients and any allergen warnings present. You can communicate this easily customer through the downloadable QR Code.

Labels – If you require the Natasha’s Law compliant labelling facility, just identify the food product in your list and hit the print function to produce the labels for your packaging.

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Create Your Menus

Make it easier for your customers

QR code generation for menus

With a click of a button have your live allergen menu available as a QR code to add to your existing menu design or use as a standalone feature on posters, signage, packaging, table talkers and more.

Make it easier for your customers

Our Pricing

Yearly (2 months free)


£30 per month +VAT

Input Own Ingredients

Create up to 50 dishes

View/Edit Dishes

Print Labels

Create 1 menu

Print menu or save to PDF

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£47 per month +VAT

Input Own Ingredients

Help with Live feeds of Ingredients data

Create Unlimited Dishes

View/Edit Dishes

Print Labels

Create Unlimited Menus

Print Menu or save to PDF

Create QR codes for Menus

*Pro Support Package Available

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Price on request +VAT

Fully Managed Package

Dedicated Team Member

Create Dishes

View/Edit Dishes

Manage Ingredients

Create Menus

View/Edit Menus

Print Labels

Print Menus

Live Ingredient Search

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Support packages are available to help you get set up


Includes ingredients, dishes and menus for up to 50 dishes


Includes ingredients, dishes and menus up to 150 dishes

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How-to tutorials
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Step 1 Ingredients

Step 2 Dishes, Drinks & Food Products

Step 3 Menus & Labels

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About Us

Allergen Checker was founded in 2014 by Mark Morgan-Huntley, a seasoned chef and entrepreneur. It has evolved over time to ensure compliance with key food safety regulations, including Natasha’s Law and the proposed Owen's Law. Natasha’s Law, enacted in the UK, requires food producers to provide comprehensive ingredient and allergen information on pre-packaged food for direct sale (PPDS).

Allergen Checker’s software and facilities enable food outlets to easily meet the requirements of Natasha’s Law, ensuring compliant labelling and accurate information for customers. In addition to addressing Natasha’s Law, Allergen Checker is designed to align with the recommendations of Owen's Law, currently under debate in parliament. Owen's Law aims to enhance food safety regulations by further strengthening allergen labelling requirements on food and drink menus across all food establishments.

By using Allergen Checker, these establishments can proactively prepare for potential future regulatory changes and stay ahead of compliance.

A standout feature of Allergen Checker is its creation of user-friendly QR codes that can be placed on menus. This empowers customers to take control of their dining experience by scanning the QR code and accessing detailed ingredient and allergen information. By providing transparent and accessible information, Allergen Checker helps customers feel confident and informed about their food choices.

With Allergen Checker, your food outlet can ensure compliance with both Natasha’s Law and potentially future regulations like Owen's Law. Simplify your compliance process, enhance food safety, and foster customer confidence.

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